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Capture All the Unique Elements of Your Meeting and Create a Dynamic Archive for Your Audience.

Did you have attendees who missed your event or can't attend live? With MediaSync™ now they can watch at anytime through a customized secure Web server. Do you wish you could share the experience with others? Let MediaSync deliver all the rich detail of your event on a portable, branded USB drive — even for attendees of the live event that are walking out the door! MediaSync can also be delivered to iPhones and Windows mobile devices.

MediaSync™ screenshot

The muscle of MediaSync is found in its features. MediaSync captures all aspects of the presentation and delivers the unique perspective of up to three separate video windows — plus a content feed — simultaneously. It also gives users the ability to:

  • Manipulate windows within the archive to take advantage of display real estate.
  • Jump around using customized chapters and slide thumbnails.
  • Search for a particular keyword — and jump right to that point of the presentation. No other archiving tool gives you that kind of power!
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