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Event Services

Get the Highest Level of Integrated AV and Technology Support for Your Meeting.

AV-Rx has produced meetings in over 20 countries in five continents and has worked with over 100 pharma/biotech companies. Our 20+ years of experience providing on-site audio-visual services and technologies will strategically improve message impact for all your important meetings, including:

  • Regulatory meetings
  • Advisory Boards
  • Investigator meetings
  • Symposia/CME Events
  • Sales meetings
  • Dinner meetings
  • Satellite broadcasts
  • Speaker trainings

Best of all, AV-Rx covers all the bases. From creative event design and production logistics to room diagrams and technical execution — we've got you covered. The result? A reduction in the need for multiple companies to get involved in your production.

Do you have attendees that can't attend your meeting in person? Or do you have a speaker who needs to present remotely? No problem. AV-Rx utilizes its Virtual Advantage platform to meet all your needs.

How can we help you?

This was really one of the best run meetings I have ever been involved in!

We offer complete production management and logistics. See how we can help with your next event